Oct 20, 2010

A Little About Me ...in Pictures

Pictures move me the way music moves the majority of people.  I mean I love music, but I can spend hours and hours looking at pictures.  Here is a summary of my life via pictures.  Enjoy!
Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a ballerina....I still do

I love flowers.

and bikes ( bonus points for the basket.. & dress)
 I wish I could get my vegetables like this..

and my bread like this..
and flowers from here..
and come home every day like this

I am married to the most incredible person I have ever met
He happens to be my best friend too
I have a baking/cupcake obsession..
so if I had a daughter, she would probably be doing this

I think that these are the best moments

I love timeless beauty

Speaking of beauty, I think she is breathtakingly beautiful 
( oh, and I have an obsession with pictures of beautiful women..is that weird?)
Big Hats = Heart filled laughter
Bubbles = Peacefulness
love sewing/ DIY projects

And this basically sums me up perfectly

all images are via http://maryruffle.tumblr.com 

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