Nov 30, 2010

And the designers are...

Kate Spade Betsey Johnson
Kate Spade (Style 1) and Betsey Johnson (Style 2)

I'll admit, I was a bit surprised that a number of you were able to guess the Kate Spades but no one guessed Betsey Johnson.  I feel like her style is so distinguished and I can usually tell straight off the bat that the craziest shoe is from the Betsey collection.  (By the way, I photoshopped the labels off of  the second Kate Spade shoe and the first Betsey Johnson shoe so I wouldn't give the secret away!)  But I was also a little surprised when I went to both the Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson website, how they each have pieces that I thought was a little bit more Betsey than Kate or more Kate than Betsey.  (Did that even make sense?  No?  Okay, I'm moving on.)

So that led me to think.  If these ladies have such distinguished in the fashion designs, how do their homes look?  

Heres what I found:

Betsey Johnson

A pink house? I think I'm in heaven...

Kate Spade

(Note: I don't think this is her actual home, but more of a showroom.)

FYI: I'm on the hunt for a coat hanger like this


Oh, and I stumbled across this  beauty on the Kate Spade website.  I'd love to wear this.  I have an obsession for birds ( fake ones, sadly I'm not a big fan of real birds in my home)

VIA Kate Spade

Anyone watch Glee tonight?  Notice at the end the Asian girl (I'm new to the show so forgive me for not knowing her name) was wearing a sparkly bow necklace like the one I wore on Thanksgiving.  For a split second there I felt famous.  MMhmmmm

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  1. haha I love your comment about feeling "famous." I saw Selena Gomez wearing a shirt that I also have, and was so excited. It's the little things :)

  2. birdcage necklace - very cute!! - Allison


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