Jan 20, 2011

Hair Rut

Bahhhhh humbuggggg 
(Are you only allowed to say that around Christmas?)
Thats how I feel about my hair. 
 I'm bored. 
It's fried..
what ever shall I do?

Let me tell you a little story.  I love the natural look, like girls who never have to wear make-up or can leave their curly hair just so and still look beautiful.  In my attempt to achieve that "natural look" I vowed that I would never dye my hair.  I wanted to be 60 and say "Yep, I've never dyed my hair in all of my 60 years!".  Oh, and I was always afraid that dying my hair would seriously damage it.
Then I got married, and 3 months later I figured I should do something fun!  I was due for a haircut so why not try some highlights?  I went to a salon that my friend recommended and showed the stylist a picture of what I wanted.  Well because I had virgin hair (plus, it is probably the darkest pigment out there) the dye didn't hold.  So the stylist decided to add a "lifter" to bring out the color.  Do any of you know what a "lifter" is?  It's bleach.  
Hardcore bleachity bleach.
Do you know what that "lifter" did to my hair?
It made it crispy, like bacon.  And then it started to fall out.
Did I mention my hair was a yellowish-orange tint.
So much for natural.
It was bad, I wanted to cry.  I'm the kind of girl who thinks a girls hair is her best accessory.  Sure, it'll grow out.  But my hair is slower than a lemer so whatever I do to my hair, I want it to look good.  
My hair is still recovering.  My "bangs" are actually pieces of hair that are slowly growing back.  The bottom half of my hair is straight as a board because it is so damaged, while the top has grown back into the naturally insane afro curls I've known all of my life.

So I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to doing anything major with my hair.  I wish I could get a bob but I hear they need a lot of maintaining.  Anywho, I like my long hair.

Soooo my question for you is what do you think about front bangs?  
Yay or Nay?

What I'm going for: 
Cute & not overdone..

These next two are of Arabic singer, Nancy Ajram.
 I loveeee everything about it.  And I think I may give the dye thing another chance and go for the same color of her hair.

Here's the music video so you can see how cute the hair style is

But I noticed later in the video Nancy had side swept bangs.  I think I'm going to experiment and see if I can fake front bangs.

What I am NOT going for:
I don't want to look like I'm 5 again.

Questions?  Comments?  Hair Advice?


  1. oooh I love it! I think bangs are awesome, you should definitely go for it!

  2. I love Lea Michele's bangs... they're long enough that you can sweep 'em over if you don't feel like fixing them! I actually (don't tell my hairstylist) cut my own bangs!

  3. bangs are tough...maybe you could try on a wig with bangs first? and ugh, about frying hair...when i went to italy i didn't understand the voltage difference and literally fried my hair. like the flat iron was smoking and i just kept thinking "man! italy makes my flat iron work AWESOME!" no, not awesome, terrible. it took a year to grow out.

  4. I LOVE blunt bangs! If I didn't have a pixie cut I would totally rock them. I say go for it!

  5. Yes to bangs! You can definitely do it in a not 5 year old way :)

  6. go for it! you'd look awesome with bangs!

  7. Definitely - i have one (we call it a fringe in the UK!) and it looks really modern - I love it!
    Rachie xo

  8. as long as the bangs are full & not scraggly, then i think they're adorable! you should go for it. if you dont like it, you can always grow them out :)

  9. Bangs are tough at times. I recently had bangs cut and people tell me I look younger with them. But my husband likes me without them since he says they cover up my "beautiful" face, go figure.
    If you cut some, just make sure they are long enough that you can still pull them back or sweep to the side. Mine aren't quite there yet, but they are growing out...slowly!
    You'd look beautiful with bangs :)

  10. I'm all for doing something different... cut, color, bangs, curls. Go for it!! The way I figure it, it grows back anyways, right?? ;-) I ususally chop all my hair off every 2 years just to do something different. Can't wait to see what you try!

  11. I am a total lover of front bangs. I think they're super chic and you really can style them a ton of different ways. Go for it!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  12. I am all about bangs, I think they just add a little something. I'd say go for it!

  13. From what I can see your hair is just as gorgeous as Olivia's. And I swear that I mean that! I wish mine was as smooth and pretty!

    I love bangs...if my hair didn't have a mind of it's own I would totally cut bangs too.

  14. Hi Nuha!! So excited to have found your blog (thru Bijou & Boheme), and to see we have so much in common :) I new from the title of your blog you must speak arabic (I am egyptian) and then I saw Nancy Ajram on this post and I was like OH YAH! I wish I could pull off bangs but my hair is too curly and crazy :( Any how, I will be back for more, your blog is lovely!!
    Nancy xo

  15. Oh PS. my hubby is a nurse :))


  16. nancy look super cute in this video ,, and its kinda funny video clip too lol ,,love it


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