Jan 7, 2011

Lookbook Love

Some looks I've been inspired by.  I've always thought that Europeans' fashion sense was 1000x better than Americans (sorry guys!) and this proves it.

Sweetheart sweater...love it.  Loved it even more when I found out that she made it herself!

So ridiculously cute!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love Asians.  I think they are so gorgeous and always have the coolest clothes.

A fun idea for spring.
  Alice in Wonderland meets Taylor Swift.
I'm dying over those over the knee socks.
 Another ridiculously cute outfit with another ridiculously cute Asian. 

 dsajfkdsajkfdasjkf.  That was my mind when I saw her hat. 
Must. get. one. ASAP!

All images via here


  1. love all of these!!!!

    and can i say i giggled a little bit when you said you love asians?! ;)

  2. haha, i have a slight asian obsession too! i always love their dramatic makeup :)

  3. Lots of lovely inspiration in these photos, I am loving the red hat!

  4. Oh I agree 100%. Their fashion is wayyyy better than ours!!!

  5. Cute outfits - and i'm a European! Woop!
    Rachie xo

  6. lovely all looks, but here are one brazilian girl "A fun idea for spring", no? rsrsrs... i loved every kind looks, american, europeans.... and i love your blog!! =)

  7. loving that yellow blouse. so fresh and spring-like!

  8. So cute! I love that sweater in the first one. I've been searchinggg for a not expensive one like it for months!

  9. By the way! Go check out my latest post. I gave you a blogger award :D

  10. loving the 2nd to last image. I want that outfit!

  11. I think Europeans have the best wearable style. But I can't help but love the Japanese fashion more. They always 100% go for it.


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