Feb 23, 2011

Beauty Routine

I'm always curious about other girls beauty routines.  I've never been big on cosmetics, and my make-up routine is pretty boring.  My older sister however, could open up a small make-up store with all of the cool things she has.  I miss the days that I could sneak into her room and test out all of her make-up gadgets.

This is basically what my whole beauty routine consists of.

1. Victoria Secret black eyeliner.  I alternate between V.S. and Sephora.  Eyeliner is the love of my life.
2.  Covergirl TRUblend Minerals (435) - This is a life saver, but it takes a little technique...too much and you could look like Snooki
3. Maybelline One by One - This is a new mascara that I'm using, and let's be honest....I only bought it because a.) I needed new mascara and b.) I thought it was pretty. (I'm big on aesthetics)
4.)Aquaphor - Um, if you haven't tried this lets just say that you've been missing out...big time. I use this as my lip balm, just a little goes a long way. (Want to know how obsessed I am with this stuff?  I've got one in every purse, school bag, car, bathroom, night stand, and one right in front of me.  We're soul mates.)
5.) Neutrogena anti-residue Shampoo -  My hair gets oily incredibly fast.  Sometimes as soon as I touch the flat iron to my hair it gets oily.  This shampoo has been a life saver and is basically like soap in my hair.
6.) St. Ives apricot scrub- I'm pretty bad about taking off my make-up, but this stuff smells pretty good so I kinda look forward to my before bed exfoliation :)
7.) Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair mask - Remember how I said my hair is fried?  This has really helped  to moisturize and revive it.
8.) Lush Brazened Honey mud mask - My sister recently introduced me to this stuff.  Its another face mask, but I usually use it a few times a week.  I really feel a difference after I've washed it all off.  Plus, it's made from all-natural ingredients.  (P.S. they've got the funnest names too!)
9.) Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel  in coconut - I absolutely love this stuff!  The smell, the consistency, the silky smooth feeling after you've put it on.  This is perfect for after shower/before bed lotion.   I'm pretty sure I've used it as a suntan oil too because it's resistant to water.  And I like that this is a gel consistency, makes it less messier than its older sibling  - the oil.
10. Moroccan Hair Oil - Again, this is something my sister introduced me to (She's got pretty hair!).  I'm still fairly new to this, but I'm hoping it'll help in the moisturizing department!
11.  Natural glow self tanner  (not pictured) - I don't put this on everyday, but I always like to have it handy.  I think I would put it on every day if it didn't smell like poop!  Anyone have a good self-tanner that doesn't smell bad?

Overall the things that I simply cannot live without is my eyeliner, bronzer, and Aquaphor. I want to be Aquaphors poster girl.  I love them.  I cannot leave the house without my eyeliner and bronzer, I'm afraid they'll call the cops on me if I do.  During the summer I get pretty tan, so the bronzer is usually during non-summer months. 

So that's it.  No foundations or eye shadows, I feel like I'm a bit too "made- up" when I have them on.  But a lot of times I'll add a little blue eyeliner to my lower lid.  Kind of like this:

What are you're favorite beauty item?  Any suggestions?


  1. I love the St. Ives scrub, I use it with my Clarisonic scrubber and my skin is just so fresh after its great!

  2. i'm totally obsessed with aquaphor as well! it's amazing. sometimes i just rub a little on my eyelashes (for a hint of sparkle) and some on my lips and call it a day. the stuff is amazing.

  3. i thought aquaphor was a lotion but i looked it up and they have a lip balm too! nice!

  4. I use the True Minerals bronzer and I completely agree about making sure you don't look like Snooki -eek! LOL a little goes a LONG way! :)

  5. I am totally in cahoots with you about eyeliner... can't live without it.

    I think when I put my eyeliner and mascara on is when I start to feel pretty.

    I guess I need to try aquaphor!


  6. so I TOTALLY got your letter this morning! Yipee! An I cannot wait to try that recipe, thank you!!! I've never even had southern food, so I'm beyond excited.

  7. I'm obsessed with a good bronzer, (I use MAC), and high-pigmented eyeshadow too, (Stila, MAC, etc). xoxo

  8. i love eyeliner and use either sephora or make-up forever. this is a fun feature. its always cool to see how other people do their routines!

  9. Argan oil/Moroccan oil is amazing. In my experience the Argan oil is a bit less expensive and actually has a longer lasting smoothing effect.

    But did I miss moisturizer in this list? Essential stuff for keeping hydrated and preventing wrinkles. Especially important to use one with SPF!

  10. I love my urban decay eye pencil, st. ives face scrub and bare minerals. I like your recommendation about the J&J coconut oil.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the web, Nuha! I agree ... Francesca does sound a little like Carrie (who's also a favorite of mine), especially in that song.

    As for me and Mr. M, I'd say we've landed pretty well -- We're almost 25 and 28 now and still loving life as much together as when we met (when I was just 17!). Of course, our relationship dynamic is different, and sure to change even more with the arrival of Maile in June, but I'm confident we're up to the challenge. :)

    Love your blog ... I'll definitely be stopping by again!

  12. My beauty routine is pretty simple, but I love good mascara.

  13. Let me know how you like the Moroccan oil - I've been wanting to try it :)


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