Feb 21, 2011

The Love List

I'm pretty excited about my new series here on Habibi.  I have met so many amazing people through blogging and I want to share them all with you!  Each  guest will be sharing with us items that have been on their love list lately.  
This should be fun!

My first guest is the ever-so gorgeous and hilarious Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy.
I can honestly say that with each and every post Christina X-tina writes, she has me laughing out loud. Oh, and did I mention she's a health nut?  
(Note to self:  Wasn't that a New Years Resolution of mine?  And it's only February?  Oh boy...)

  I told you she was purty!

Without further ado, I give you X-tina's favorite things:

1)The new Chobani lemon flavor. 

I typically prefer Fage Greek yogurt, but Chobani's three new flavors (lemon, black cherry, and mango) are irresistbile! I love these because they are a lower-calorie snack with a ton of protein - perfect for a post-workout snack. 

2)The Library.

Sure, the librarians are awkward and they smell kinda musty, but the books at the library are free! I think e-books are pretty neat, but there's nothing like holding a book in your hands and turning each page until you reach the end. I also love that I can get any book from any of the libraries in my county bc they will ship it to my town's location. Again people, these books are free. Take advantage!

3) This book: 

I've only read three chapters, but it has already been so eye-opening for me. Actually it's more like each page I turn is a slap in the face by the author. I completely understand what I've been doing wrong in relationships, why my ex and I broke up, and why we will probably get back together. On a positive note, I am so ready and excited to use what I've learned in my next relationship. This book is blunt, hilarious, and real. Everyone needs a copy of this. As much as I love those library books, I bought my own copy of this baby.

4)My Bodem travel French press. 
This is such an easy way to get your daily brew in under a few minutes. At around 16oz, it's the perfect amount of coffee to get you going and you can take it anywhere. Stop standing in line and paying so much for your coffee - this is a much quicker and less-expensive alternative. They also have them in different colors. 
( As soon as I find that lime green, it's mine!)

5)Groupon, Living Social, and other group coupon sites. 
Thanks to these daily emails, I've gotten some really good deals on things I wouldn't typically consider. For example, last week my friend and I went to a class where we painted and drank wine that we had brought. Classes are usually $35, but I paid only $15 with my Groupon. For just $15, we chose which painting we wanted to do, learned how to do it, and got to take our masterpiece home. Here's mine: 

6)Tiffany & Co.'s Graffiti Collection by Paloma Picasso. 
I love anything Paloma designs, but I am particularly fascinated with the Grafitti section as everything is in an XO design. My friends call me Xtina (sometimes just X) and because my last name begins with an O, it's like they're my initials! I I really want these earrings, ring and bangle:

7)The weather finally warming up in Charleston! 
I know, it's only February, but beach and boating season is right around the corner. I love everything Summer - beach, boats, beer, bikinis, and babes! Woohoo for living on the coast!

Well there you have it, our first edition of  The Love List!  
Be on the look out for more bloggers love lists :)

And don't forget to visit Xtina at Hungry Meets Healthy

Happy Monday!


  1. Fun, Fun! Love your list and will have to visit Hungry Meets Healthy.


  2. What a fun new series! I look forward to seeing more!!

  3. Why Men Love Bitches was one of our book club books... and boy, was that the most interesting discussion we've had in book club. EVER. ha.

  4. aw thia is cute! i want to try that greek yogurt. Fage gets old sometimes haha

  5. I really want that book now...

    Great post... and definitely going to read Hungry Meets Healthy!

  6. Oh I love making french press coffee, especially a personal cup of one! Great feature. And IN MY DEFENSE... a fellow blogger suggested I get the thunder shirt because it worked on her dog. I didn't, however, take into account how crazy my dog can be. And yes, I'm kind of known for being a little too trusting. ; )

  7. love everything about this- glad you love the library too ;) as a future librarian that makes me happy ehhe! great post girl!

  8. Fun series! It's always exciting to see what people are loving:-)

    P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment! I love those signs too. Whoever puts them up must be a pretty cool person! xoxo

  9. This is gonna be an amazing series! And gotta love that Tiffany & Co. ring! x

  10. How cute! What a fun idea. I love the eclectic fashion you've been posting here.

  11. Lovely post over here ladies. And Lilly loves that new lemon flavor too :)

    Oh, and I so so enjoyed the last couple of days here in Charleston.


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