Feb 17, 2011

Shine bright firefly, shine bright

This morning I woke up thinking "what should I blog about today?"  Should I blog about my gorgeous sisters who just got back from the bahamas and all of the wonderful gifts they bought me?  Should I blog about food, because it's always on my mind?  Should I blog about the knew Tibi collection?  So many endless ideas, but still, I was at a loss about what I should post today.  I argued not posting and studying for my huge test on Monday.  Does it matter if I post everyday anyways?

  School has been difficult the past few months and many times I question my ability to graduate nursing school.  I have always made good grades, but NS is a completely different ball game.  I know I'm an extremely sensitive person, why am I chasing after a career that could possibly bring me heartache after heartache?

As I soon as I logged onto blogger I was reminded of why I want to be a nurse so badly.  A while back Sam blogged about her friend Sarah.  I followed the link to her blog and immediately I was humbled by Sarah's love for life.  Sadly, Sarah passed away yesterday.  I have never met her and I have only been following her blog for a short while, but I am speechless and saddened.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I could be touched so deeply by someone I have never met.

Today I want to blog about Sarah. 

Sarah and her loved ones are in my prayers.  If you'd like to send encouraging words to Sarah's family, you can do so here:

  I am going to go study for my exam.  I know that the odds to finding a cure for cancer are slim, but I want to be the nurse that is there encouraging patients and their loved ones to never give up.
 Thank you Sarah for reminding me why I want to be a nurse.


  1. I read Sarah's blog when you first posted it here - and am so sad to hear of her passing. Her husband's words on her transition are so beautiful and touching - I feel so much for the family she's left behind.

    Your profession makes such a huge difference - especially since you're such a sincere and cheerful person with a great sense of humour.
    Having an encouraging professional around when dealing with life and death situations can make all the difference.

  2. thank you so much for this post! you are going to be a wonderful nurse. i pray you are able to encourage many patients like sarah :)

  3. Nurses are wonderful people! It takes a special person to become a nurse, trust me, my Mom is one and she is one of my heroes!

    Hard work and determination always pay off! I know you will do great things because your heart is in the right place. I can tell just be reading your blog how genuine you are Nuha!

  4. PW will be at Davis Kidd on the 25th. Line tickets are $5, and you just pop in to Davis Kidd to get one! Their restaurant side also has a Prairie Woman special menu right now :)

  5. Thank you for posting this, such an amazing story.

  6. My mom is suffering from breast cancer and I have a newfound appreciation and admiration for nurses because of it. Seriously, I just have no idea how nurses manage to juggle it all and do it all so well.

    I just have to add that I LOVE Tibi. Love it!


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