Feb 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  Will you be celebrating a day before on Sunday or on Monday?  I haven't decided yet.  Knowing my luck the hubs will come home late on Monday and our plans will fall through ( not that we have any plans as of right now).
But oh well, I love him everyday not just  on 2.14

Incase you're fretting over what to wear here are a few cute ideas.  
But please, pretty pretty please do not ,I repeat do not ,wear something like this:

 I found it in a google search.  It's an okay dress...but not for Valentine's Day.  There's already plenty of red & pink everywhere.  Do not wear this dress or anything similar to it.

I .will.be .watching!

A few I do approve of 

Simple, Sexy, & Girly..with just a *touch* of pink
VIA Lookbook
 I'm obsessed with lace.  It is the epitome of girly-ness & elegance
 Again, girly & cute with just a hint of pink

 A little more laid back, but that's how some people roll...
This would be cute for a girls night out.
VIA lookbook

Usually, I would steer clear of  anything pink/ red.  But this dress?  Holy Mama..its fabulous.
Girlishly sexy with a touch of punk. 
And that back?
Love it
VIA lookbook


  1. I LOVE that first gray dress... Gray is my favorite color and I love how its cut!

  2. thank you for encouraging a real stylish look!! the red and pink really is overdone on valentines day! i love all your picks, especially the lace look! hope your vday plans work out, but true love is there everyday, not just on 2/14. happy weekend!!

  3. I love that white lace dress! So girly and I love it! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I'll actually be celebrating on Saturday. We are going out to dinner then back to my place to watch a few movies :o)

  5. love that final dress!! and the lace is just lovely! we don't have any plans either, but i'm ok with that :)

  6. hahaha so you disagree with looking like your surroundings? too funny

    I LOVE that white dress... I saw it on another blog recently!

  7. Hey girl Hey!! <3 Hope you have a great vday weekend! and vday day --- whichever you decide to celebrate!

    The dressing was at a restaurant but "Naturally Fresh" brand ginger dressing (always found in a small mason jar in the refrigerated dressing section of stores like harris teeter and publix) is AMAZING! Best ever!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  8. I love that second lace dress! So cute!

  9. I am hoping I get the chance to dress up and wear a fun and chic dress soon. It makes you feel so feminine:)

  10. I love the Forever21 lace dress, wow!

  11. I love the first and last dress - fantastic hair do with it as well.
    Thanks for the new ideas!


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