Mar 30, 2011

Etsy Love

How did I ever live without Etsy?  I think I first stumbled upon its amazingness my first semester of nursing school (fall '09-ish?)  I've been hooked ever since!  My latest Etsy  hunts have been centered around finding gold/ bronze jewelry for the summer.  I am a boho- addict so anything gold, glittery, or rustic makes my heart flutter.  NY Light Metals had so many pieces I was oohing and aahing over!

How gorgeous is this black and gold chain linked bracelet?  And the white clover bracelet has a nice cool look.

Nothing says boho like hoop earrings.
   And my favorite?  The gold disk cascading necklace.  I have been wanting one of these for SO long.  I love it!
The bullet necklace is fun and unexpected :)

What are your favorite summer accessories?


  1. I totally adore the last necklace. I love wearing long necklaces during the warmer seasons. Have a fantastic day, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY today! You can win 2 adorable tea towels and a mug!

  2. ooooh love the last necklace and all those earrings - so pretty!

  3. all of this is so beautiful! going to check out the shop now.

  4. I think someone I read had a giveaway from them because I remember my comment being "OH MY GOSH I need that black and gold bracelet!" So happy to see you and I both have really amazing taste hahah


  5. Fabulous finds!!! I'm have long been addicted to Etsy- not sure how I would live without it!!

  6. i'm loving those earrings!! totally into gold this year like never before :)

    i'm always inspired by boho trends...i'd love to see any other pieces/clothing you love!

  7. Love boho trends. I've also wanted to buy a gold disk neckless for a while now. This summer it's happening!
    Thanks for your sweet comment, by the way :-)

  8. OMG! Etsy (and Target) definitely don't help my bank account!! haha

    i need all these pieces!! like ASAP!!

  9. So the white clover bracelet totally reminds me of the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry all the desi girls in LA are sporting these days. It makes me their jewelry really from Van Cleef? Or Etsy? :)

    Love your picks!

  10. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to show you some love. Great Etsy finds. I especially like the hoop earrings.

  11. Holy moly me oh my! LOVE that second bracelet!

  12. I have not seen these before. Love them all! Great find, Nuha!


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