Mar 7, 2011

The Love List : Wandering Spice

I'm pretty excited about today's Love List because it features someone I love oh so much: my cousin Yasmeen from the blog Wandering Spice.  Intelligent, gorgeous, & funny are just a few of her characteristics.  But my favorite?  Our super long e-mails.  I love seeing her name pop up in my inbox because I know that a series of incredibly long e-mails are about to begin.

She's new to the blogging world, but I'm positive her blog is going to take off.  
Stop by and welcome her why dont-ya?

1. MOZI body products. They're Australian made, use bio-conscious packaging and feel soooo good on your skin. I especially love the quince + rose lotion. MOZI also has a full range of bedding, candles and handbags that channel vintage design themes and always feature bold colors. 

2. T2 Teas. I'm a coffee junkie but Iove unwinding with a warm cup of any of T2's blends. They also let you mix and match loose teas, which make great custom-made gifts (like peppermint-chocolate-cherry or roobois-almond-vanilla. Delish!)

3. My bike Febie. She was custom built for me, which explains why we're so inseparable. She makes errands + commuting fun.

4. Community gardens. Live in an apartment or don't have a yard? Rent or buy a plot of land among other food/flower lovers and grow your own produce. Then exchange your extra crop for something new from your neighbor's spot. Most cities have them - you'll meet awesome people and take care of the environment at the same time. How awesome is that!

5. Onitsuka Tiger Asics. Any of my friends will tell you these are my signature - I've worn them for years and worn them everywhere, in a variety of colors (some neutral, some shocking!). It's my philosophy that shoes are a reflection of your personality. My current mood:
6. Mark Ronson + The Business International. He released - in my humble opinion - the best record of 2010, collaborating with the likes of Q-Tip, MNDR, D'Angelo, Boy George and Theophilus London... yet again proving his flexibility and dexterity with offbeat tunes and lyrics. He's been on repeat in our house for months and we're seeing him at a festival next week. Yippee!

7. Baking. It's my therapy. Throw on some music and get mixing, whether it's an old favorite or something new and experimental. The end result will always make for a good story, whether it was something sumptuous shared with friends or a funny disaster story. I most recently made these little citrus beauties for the Australian Man (my boyfriend's) birthday:

Above all, my favorite thing is to be positive at all costs. I'm not always the best at it, but moving trans-continentally twice in 2 years has taught me that life is full of unexpected surprises. All it takes is a positive attitude to turn fear into excitement, and it's contagious.

 Thanks for sharing your space with me Nuha. Love!


So in case you're wondering: No you cannot have her.  She is my cousin.
And is anyone else jealous she had a bike custom built for her?  And here I am dreaming of owning my own bike...from Wal-Mart. haha

Thanks for stopping by Yas, love you !!


  1. aww she's so cute! i must check out her blog to find out more about these citrus beauties!

  2. i need to learn how to ride a bike : - (

  3. adorable!! what i great list :)

  4. suh-weet list! gonna check out her blog now - thanks for the intro!!

  5. I'm a coffee junkie too! but if you say those teas are worth it, I will have to try them.

    I run in asics and my ex always called them my dork sneakers, but those are pretty fly! (yep I said fly)


  6. That IS a great list! I just signed up for a garden vegetable co-op... and i'm so excited about it!

  7. Your cousin is beautiful and so are you!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving those nice comments!! I am your newest follower!

  8. great list!! i love the idea of community gardens.

  9. hi everyone, glad you liked the list and thanks for visiting my little blog :)

    big big thanks to you, Nuha... habibti seriously. i will go write you a 100-page long e-mail as soon as i'm home today!

    love xx

  10. WHERE can I get this tea!?! I'm a loose leaf addict! And I adore your bike. I wish I could commute... damn these Missouri hills...


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