Apr 12, 2011

Closet Lust

There's a pile of clothes sitting on the floor waiting to be put up.  I have a teeny tiny closet, so I'm trying to switch out the fall/winter clothes for my spring/summer wardrobe.  I'm kind of excited to "rediscover" all of my clothes again.
Is this pathetic?
A tad maybe?
I thought so... 

Oh and I've vowed that anything that I even slightly feel like I'm not going to wear is outta here.

So while I am buried in a pile of clothes I'll be dreaming about closets like these versus my own.

Anyone care to lend a hand?

P.S. Any advice on how to maximize closet space ?


  1. looove the wallpaper from the top picture! :) pretty pretty.

  2. I think I dream about closets daily! I found that doing a seasonal "cleanse" like you are doing with your wardrobe helps add more space for fun new clothes! =) Also baskets, shelving, and organizers are worth their weight in gold! especially chic ones that are coordinated! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    ooh! come enter my giveaway silly! its a giant gift basket of products! <3 mwah!

  3. we have a tiny closet too. boo!!! one day i'll have a monstrous one :)

    way to go on doing a cleanse. love that second picture!

  4. Oh my!! I love the wallpaper in the first closet!!

  5. Oh gimme that second closet now!

    Well I just realized my wardrobe for work will be exactly the same in the summer as it is now because our air conditioner stays at "frigid" all day gggrrr....

    I totally commend you on getting rid of stuff tho!


  6. These closets are beautiful, I especially love the first 2! Just gorgeous!


  7. OMGGGG I'm totally drooling over all these GORG closets, I wish I could have a closet that beautiful! Regarding maximizing space, besides organzing the heck out of your closet, you could put away clothes that are not of the season. Basically (I live in Canada so this totally works for me) but I just pack away my really warm winter clothes that I know I won't be wearing in teh summer months and do the same in the winter. It really helps maximize space, and all your need is a tuberware containor (or five....hehe).


  8. Love it so much, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you for your comment. I hope to see you back soon. You have a lovely blog.

  9. I dream of luxury closets too!:)

  10. organized closets are so lovely :) I just wish I had the patience or lack of laziness to maintain mine... I recently bought a bunch of storage bins for my scarves/winter accessories... and a hanging cubby type organizer for all my purses.. oh, and those skinny space saving hangars are genius! they are velvety so your clothes don't slip off, and they don't get tangled... good luck!

  11. Oh man, if only!!! I'd love any of those!

  12. Dreamy :)
    We do the winter/summer wardrobe switch too. It's always a nice opportunity to get rid of some unused items but it also give me anxiety ;) I'm a big fan of matching shoes boxes, that helped me maximize a little space. I share a closet with the hubby so I totally feel you on the tiny closet dilemma!


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