Apr 20, 2011

Comfiest Outfit Ever

I woke up a half hour early on Monday and Alaa told me I should go ahead and get up. (He was already awake)  Instead, I went back to sleep....and woke up a half hour late.  Oops.  I didn't have much time to get ready so my wardrobe options were reeling through my head at an insane pace.  I wanted to be comfortable yet not look like a complete slob.    In the midst of everything, I think I created the comfiest outfit ever.  
I present to you my new go to outfit :)

{and incase you're wondering why I'm sitting on the floor..well, it's because I am not so clever at taking full length outfit pictures...I spared you the awkward ones}
Shirt: F21, Pants: Guess, Shoes: {Gift} Rocket Dog, Bracelets: F21 & NYC

{except for this awkward one}

Alaa and I went on a date to the mall this weekend.  Lo and behold there was a huge stand of easter hats beckoning me to try them on.  I was in heaven.  Can someone please buy one for me?  
I'll lurve you forever...
Alaa did talk me into getting a headband one.  It looks very Kate Middleton if I do say so myself.  Well, what do ya know...I'm all set for the Royal Wedding now! 
(FYI..I'm geeking out about the Royal Wedding... t-9 days!!)

And I thought I'd introduce you to my favorite pair of shoes. Can you tell that I wear them a lot?

And here's a sneak peak of a little project I'm working on.

I can't wait to finish it!


  1. Could you be ANY cuter?! I think not. Love the outfit. Love the headband!

  2. Oh the shoes! LOVE them.
    And you are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Love this look! It does look so comfy! And those shoes are so adorable!

  4. love that hair piece! so kate middleton. i so wish we wore more hats here. i think they are so classy!

  5. Girl! You are so freaking pretty! Jaw droppingly so. Seriously. Anyway, I want to steal your shoes, and your shirt, oh and that hat. Ok so the whole outfit. Love this post. And I'm proud of you. ; )

  6. you are so cute! i love love love those shoes. i need them. and that color blue...i can't wait to see what that is! :)

  7. I love your black and white ensemble! Very classic, looks chic and so effortless. Like what others have already said, you are gorgeous!

    Have a nice day!


  8. wow you look great
    love your hair and make up
    nice wedges
    a white shirt is always a nice look

  9. aw you are soooo pretty!! love those shoes too :)

  10. love, love, love the shoes!! great and easy outfit.

  11. Ohmygosh that color! can't wait to see what you made!!!! Of course i'm pining after your shoes now =) and love the comfy chic outfit too! You're just my fashionista hero. duh!

    Omg girl I got my necklace today and had no idea it came with EARRINGS TOO!? Ohmygosh! I cannot take it off. I'm still in my pjs while cleaning my dishes from last nights hot-mess in the kitchen and i'm rocking the necklace. hahaha! you can totally picture it can't you? teehee

    Thanks again darling! I'll be wearing it all spring and summer long! for sure! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  12. Adorable outfit - and you've got the most gorgeous hair (and face too LOL!)

  13. you have such great hair (and yes, such a pretty face). love the outfit too.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you for my necklace & bracelet!
    I blogged about it today!
    <3 leigh

  15. You're gorgeous! I love how comfy but put together and chic you look in this outfit. Those shoes are super adorable, they can go with anything! They'd be my favorites too. :)

    Hope you had a great day!

  16. looking good, miss. i like your top!

    come to Oz and freak out about the royal wedding with everyone here :)

  17. You are just darling! Love the look you put together.

  18. Those shoes are adorable!!! Such a cute outfit!

  19. You are so cute!! I love the look and you are so rockin it!! Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  20. I love those Rocketdog sandals!! I own about 6 pairs of Rocketdogs myself and absolutely love everything they put out.

    What's the project for? I am smitten by the royal blue color and can't wait to find out what it is!

  21. love your hair style! look beautiful!!
    Following you now:D



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