Apr 14, 2011

A walk in the park

The weather in Memphis lately has been semi-crazy.  We're constantly taunted with gorgeous spring weather, only to have temperatures drop and tornadoes pass through the next day.  Tuesday night the weather was gorgeous so I asked Alaa if he'd like to play tennis with me.  He reluctantly said yes (the boy dies for soccer..other sports need just a bit more annoying wife nagging coaxing)  So after dinner we headed out to the tennis courts to find that both were full.  But I was determined to spend some time outside, because let's face it, between blogging and studying, I'm always stuck inside.

So we set out for Shelby Farms.  I've been going to Shelby Farms for longer than I can remember.  Ask anyone in the Memphis area about Shelby Farms and I'm sure they can tell you stories about picnics, events, farmers market, strawberry picking, or their daily runs there.  I pass by Shelby Farms multiple times a week, but I never get the time to venture into it.  I'm so glad the we went on Tuesday.  We had a great time :)

One day I'm going to take a perfect jumping picture.  Future, you are warned.


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  1. I suddenly feel the need to take a trip to Memphis...what a beautiful place. I had no idea (forgive my ignorance).

  2. What beautiful pictures! How fun. I wish we'd have some warm sunny days here, too!

  3. i need to visit tennessee. i just met a studly man from there. you are so cute in the pink hat! cute always always!!

  4. hope those tornados are replaced by 24/7 awesome weather pronto!

  5. ahhhh sooooo beautiful!!!!!!! I love when a GORGEOUS day makes up for a less than stellar one!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Gorgeous pictures!! :) Hope your weekend is fantastic!!!

  7. Um, these photos are GORGEOUS!!

    I think I may need to make a trip to Tennessee now... :)


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