May 30, 2011

Abstract Art

I found this dress a few months ago at a local thrift store.  
There it was.  
A single sleeve with bright colors.  
I had to have it.  

But then off went my little baby into the closet.
And there it sat.
For 6 months.

It's not that I forgot about my sweet little dress, it's just that I needed to alter it just a little bit.
So I took in the sleeves..and the bust..and added a belt.
 So when we were invited to a henna for the following night, I wasn't sure what to wear.  
My sweet little abstract dress whispered to me.
And so I wore it.

And then I asked Alaa to take pictures of me.  
And then he rolled his eyes, looked at his watch, and said "The party started 30 minutes ago"
To which I replied, "Habibi...Arabs are always late."
So we went outside to take pictures, and found our awkward neighbors sitting on the steps/ in a parked car/ and chasing each other around with water guns.  I'm sure they thought we were loco and that I was conceited having my husband take pictures of me.   But they just don't get the hidden world of blogging.

And then while waiting to meet up with my mom + sisters we took more pictures. 
To which my husband rolled his eyes again and laughed at me.

Then we headed off to the party.

And we were right on time...


  1. Awww you look fantastic, such a pretty sight! :)

    People often stop and stare when I am taking outfit photos as well, it's really annoying but I have since learnt to ignore them hehe.

    The Cat Hag

  2. oooo, pretty pretty!! loving those pink shoes, too :)

  3. oh my gosh! when I scrolled down and saw those shoes, I squealed with delight! Fantastic... love love love

    if only more people knew about the hidden world of blogging... yesh haha


  4. I love the dress and the shoes!
    You look so lovely.

    Thank you for dropping by and your sweet comment in my blog. You have a lovely blog. I am following you from now on.

    <3 Sari Prawiroredjan

  5. You are such a doll! LOVE those sassy shoes.

  6. ahh its a dress. Very cute, so are the shoes. Maybe your husband was a bit jealous because you weren't taking enough pictures of him. But I see you were sure to include one.


  7. I love the dress... but I love the shoes even more! They're FABULOUS.

    Just discovered your blog, would love if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  8. So pretty! You look adorable. I didn't know the meaning of "habibi" until you used it in a sentence and let me just say that I think it is so lovely!

  9. I love how the dress is so floaty..
    I laugh when I read "arab are alwats late".. My BF is arab, so I know.. hehehe

    hope you had a great time :-)

  10. so pretty!! i'm loving this dress... and those shoes are killer!

  11. This is gorgeous! It looks great on you. Loving the last pic of you in the field, so pretty. (Sorry for all the comments. I'm totally enjoying your posts.)


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