Jun 9, 2011

something old, something new

As soon as summer rolls around, all I can think about wearing is skirts and dresses.  I can't get enough of them.  And you know what else I can't get enough of?  Sequin anything.  (I wore a long purple sequin dress to my bridal shower...I need to get that dress back asap!)  I know that sequin is starting to become sort of a been there, done that thing.  But really...I want to embrace this trend while I can!  It's not everyday folks you can walk around in a shimmery top without people thinking you're insane.   Even though pleated skirts and sequined shirts have been around since my mom was my age..I still can't get enough of 'em!

{In case you're wondering: I'd tuck the shirt into the pleated skirt, and roll up the sleeves and leave the denim blazer open just for fun.  Downplay the whole thing with some nude accessories: lipstick, clutch, & pumps.  and add some fun with gold: rings & watch. I thought the turquoise was a fun little hint of color.}

I'm going to tap my feet together and wish for this outfit to magically appear in my closet.


  1. so pretty! and haha, my comment on your last post...when i wrote it, i actually thought really hard before i clicked "post comment" bc i wasn't sure if it was going to make sense. glad you figured it out!

  2. I think that you should go buy this whole outfit right now... hubs wouldn't mind would he? haha
    I mean all you have to do is calmly explain to him that sequins won't be in forever.


  3. i love that skirt! i totally agree with skirts/dresses only in the summer. so much more comfortable!

  4. ummm, will you do a double tap so that this can end up in my closet too?! :) love it!
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  5. I can totally picture this!!!! so fun! <3 I love the way your fashion sense works girl!

  6. i love that pleated skirt!

  7. I love the skirt but since I'm SO tall I feel like they kind of overwhelm me. And since I'm SO tall I can't wear those gorgeous heels either but I love them!


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