Jun 30, 2011

takin' it easy

i feel like things have been in such a "go, go, go!" rush lately that i've barely had a chance to sit back and take it all in.  this morning i decided to hold off on making the bed and washing dishes and instead i layed out in my(my!!) backyard. 

 it was so relaxing :)

Watermelon + Peach + Mango Nectar + Mint "Slush"

serenading wind charm we got on our honeymoon in aruba.  the relaxing sound reminds me of my favorite little island

i think this may come to be a weekly ritual :)


  1. This sounds perfect! And ummm recipe for the drink, please!

  2. Sounds like a nice time of relaxing That drink looks delicious!

  3. That sounds (and looks!) absolutely wonderful I could go for a fruity drink like that right about now. :)

  4. did you guys buy a house??? i love your peach + mango + mint drink, sounds divine!


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