Jun 2, 2011

yay or nay?

The "Ring Finger Nail Polish Trend"

i did it...would you?

psst, if you're not sure what I'm talking about...check out how vanessa hudgens did it here


  1. LOVE IT :) especially how yours looks - it's very subtle, at least in the photo! xo

  2. YAY! is this like the hologram nail polish? if so, i've done it! AND LOVE IT!

  3. you made it work =) love it!

  4. actually, i really like it!! very fun! :)

  5. We are definitely in to it!! We do ring finger accent nails all of the time - it's just a great way to have a little fun with your polish. Today I'm wearing Sally Hansen's Lively Lilac with OPI's silver shatter over it on my ring fingers. Love it!
    We are following you now (found you on La-La Linh) and would love for you to visit our blog and follow us back if you like. Thanks!
    Jayme (& Mendi) @ Her Late Night Cravings


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