Aug 30, 2011

1 shirt, 3 different ways

let's face it, we don't have the option of wearing a brand spankin new outfit every time we go out.  but who cares?  it's fun to remix your clothes.  i played around creating three different outfits based on one shirt that i've been coveting.  yep, you can add a sheer leopard (or cheetah, who cares) shirt to my list of "must haves".

Look 1:  Fun
-pair this with hair in loose waves and completely down, like so

Look 2: Edgy
-pair this with hair in a high, messy pony tail, like this or a side braid like this

Look 3: Classic
- pair this with hair in an updo, like so

which one is your favorite: fun, edgy, or classic? i'm kind of leaning toward classic :)
and because i can never seem to make up my mind, my mind is reeling with a bunch of different ways to style the hair on these.    

p.s.  does anyone else worry about their hair more than their outfit?  or is it just me and my uncontrollable curls?


  1. nice sets:)

  2. I heart your blog! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

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  3. love the classic - those white pants are perfection. i totally worry about my hair. i'm already stressing about what i'll do for it for an event in november...

  4. i think my favorite might be "edgy"...which is so weird because that's not my normal style at all!

    you have such a great eye!

  5. LOVE the stacked rings in look 1!

  6. I like Edgy.

    Great combinations! I wish you were here to help me reorganize and restock my closet!

  7. I've given up the battle on my hair and me. I let the curls do whatever they want. I would wear every piece in these mix ups! I love switching up pieces of my wardrobe and wearing stuff I haven't in years. It makes me feel like they're new! =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back anytime! =)

  8. i LOVE the color combo in the first outfit, so lovely! great blog, hopefully it will help me bust out of my 'black, gray and white' rut... (i have ZERO color in my closet )


  9. Oh I think I didn't mention in my last comments that starting from today I have a giveaway in my blog? I hope you'll join ^^

    xx indie by heart


    love YOUR BLOG.


  11. !! I am in love with these looks! You need to post where I can get some of these babies:) Happy long weekend!

  12. remix clothes,you make it a lot of fun,I lave the last pic,the color is powerful with the white pants,Begin to love leopard,perfect matches...

  13. I love the classic style but with the Chanel bag please. :)

    My hair is a constant source of stress...I have curly hair as well and it's frizzy and a giant mess 99% of the time. I get Japanese straightening which helps enormously but really, I am often at the whim of the weather!

    Have a lovely long weekend!

  14. I think I love the second ensemble the most!!!

  15. This is cool. I love seeing different ways an item can be worn/styled. :)

    Thanks for your comment!

  16. The combos are just beautiful! I think I'd be the Edgy one most often but love the shirt with the skirt and the white pants too! i'm out of town and will be mixing my clothes with a new eye thanks to you!
    As for your hair, I know what you mean. As a curly hair gal, it seems like if my hair looks bad nothing else matters! I've given in to the low chignon/bun when I just can't be bothered. They say if you wear a smile you'll always look good!

  17. Love all 3 looks

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  19. love all three looks, but i think edgy is my fave!


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