Aug 2, 2011

and the bathroom will be a gold mine...

hello my lovelies! how are you?  school is finally winding down, yet i still feel like i have a million things to do!  plus, ramadan started yesterday, so i'll be a busy bee this month too.  but, i'm trying to enjoy my *spare* time (it's been so long since i've used that word!!!) to re-vamp the house.  i'm hoping to get started on the bathrooms and laundry room pretty soon.  i'm just horribly indecisive so i keep going back and forth on what i want.  there's so many great ideas out there, it's hard to commit to just one!  

the best thing i could finger out doing was using olioboard to get an idea of the master bathroom.  i've pretty much settled on a black, white, and gold color combination.  i'd love to have a metallic gold wallpaper (any recommendations?!)  i love this print below, but it runs at $125 a roll...a bit more than i'd like to spend.  maybe i could tackle stenciling instead?

unfortunately, our vanity won't be as glamorous as this.  i plan on leaving the original cabinets in and either painting them a gold metallic color, or black.  not quite sure which one yet...and the counter will keep the original sinks as well.  i'm debating whether or not to paint the doors black for a little extra *oomph*...i'm leaning towards no right now, because there are 4 doors ( 1 entry door, 1 door for the commode, and 2 closet doors)  the space isn't huge, so i'm afraid 4 black doors would be overkill.  oh, and what i wouldn't do to hang  a bubble chandelier in there...can you say ooh la la?!

all in all, i want a space that inspires me on a daily basis and makes me feel like this:

glamorous baby, glamorous

pray tell, what do you think?


  1. Glamour all the way! Love the wallpaper!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for visiting:)


  2. Glad you liked the turquoise dress in my Soiree posting! Your ideas for the remodeling project sounds amazing! Also love the Ipad cases you featured below! I so want an IPAD! Would you be interested in following each other, I think we have similar taste!

  3. oh that wall paper is so lovely and rich looking - beautiful!

  4. That wallpaper is so glamorous, but yes pretty pricey! But aren't all the good things expensive! The colors you picked will make for a beautiful combination!

  5. it!SO glamorous!That wall paper is so beautiful!

  6. So stylish!!!Love it, thanks for sharing!

  7. Interesting post !!! :-)

    Fashion Crazy Ball:

  8. I like it and yes i think we would all like to feel like this - thanks for your comment x


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