Aug 8, 2011

Birthday Boy

happy birthday to the worlds most easy going guy.  to the one person who makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and who accepts me as i am.  happy birthday to the one who encourages me, makes fun of me, holds me, and loves me.  i thank god for creating such a magnificent and humble being.

i love you habibi


  1. Happy birthday Alaa!! And what a lucky man to have such a beautiful woman by his side on his birthday :)

  2. happy birthday to him!! hope you are able to celebrate well together :)

  3. so sweet! p.s. i made your grilled pizza a few nights ago - delicious!

  4. What a sweet tribute.. Happy Birthday Alaa, hope you guys have a lot of fun celebrating.


  5. Happy Birthday
    You look great
    love your make up

    I’m hosting my first GIVEAWAY – if you want to check it out and participate here’s the link

  6. happy birthday to your guy! sam's was the next day. it's birthday season!


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