Oct 7, 2011

glam bam laundry room

i despise doing the laundry.  wait, let me re-phrase that...the sorting and actual cleaning i don't mind.  but the folding and putting away part is just..soo...annoying.   

so i figure to entice myself to want to do laundry more i better make the laundry room fun and glamorous.  i've got a couple of ideas running through my head but i'm afraid to commit because i worry that it may end up looking a little too overdone.  i've created two similar but slightly different laundry rooms to kind of get an overall image of how it may look.

le laundry room noir
 le laundry room blanc

which one is your favorite?  i know it's not that much of a difference...but still, i'm a wee bit "OCD"


  1. noir! the black is gorgeous. and i dont think it would look overdone at all! if you're gonna get funky anywhere, it's in a laundry room! :)

  2. you never think about the laundry room being a big deal but it makes such a difference on your desire to clean and fold laundry! LOL! Love the dark contrast!

  3. they are all so gorgeous!! i'm sure the clothes folding would become much more fun in such a pretty space :)


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