Oct 21, 2011

The Memphis Zoo

Fall has finally settled upon us (yipeee!) and with it has come cold, cloudy days.  It's hard to believe that Monday was in the upper 80's and the very next day it was a (very) chilly 50 degrees.  I'm glad we took advantage of our last teasing of summer.  I spent the day at the zoo with a few friends and managed to snap a few photos for you.  I feel like Memphis gets a bad rep, so today I wanted to show you one of our pride and joys : The Memphis Zoo.  It's been voted the #1 zoo in the nation and it's a fun way to spend your day...for both the young and old.

 My favorite part of the zoo is the animal statues that greet you when you first get there.  I have a countless number of pictures on each of these animals :)
 An upcoming exhibit that I'm quite excited about : Dinosaurs!

 In the winter months, the zoo builds an ice skating rink across from this gorgeous cabin.  All that's missing is some hot chocolate :)
 One of my favorite animals: the zebra.
Entrance into the world famous panda exhibit.

 I would love to have a backyard that looked like this!
 Because buying lunch at places like this can get really expensive, we stocked up on lunchables and snacks to get us through the trip.
 Decor for an upcoming event : ZooBoo!

If you're ever in town,  don't forget to stop by The Memphis Zoo.  Trust me, you'll feel like a kid again!


  1. that zoo looks awesome. and i think i love you in those colors..so pretty!

  2. i haven't been to the zoo in forever! these are such great photos! so bright and crisp!!

  3. ahhhh the statues look like animal crackers!!!! love it! =)

    aww hunny ive missed you! sorry for my MIA-ness!

  4. say MIA-ness outloud. now.

    i hope you have my sick sense of humor =) bahaha!

  5. cute cute pics!! i love zoo trips :)

    have a great weekend!

  6. What wonderful photos...looks like so much fun!! Thanks for visiting our blog - thrilled to find and follow yours ~

  7. Absolutely great pictures that must be an amazing trip <3


  8. your favorite animal, the zebra, is dressed up as a giraffe!!!

    <3 heather

  9. You take fantastic pictures! Those giraffes are unbelievable!!!

  10. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments! Such fun pics! xo www.casualglamorous.com

  11. I haven't been to the zoo in EONS!! I need to go and see some giraffes!


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