Nov 30, 2011

Girl Crush: Frieda Pinto

You may know her from the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire or her frequent  presence on InStyle's "Look of the Day".  This edition of "girl crush" is all about Freida Pinto..gorgeously glamorous Freida Pinto. I get so excited when I see "minority" actors/actresses get big.  Plus, she has impeccable style...I wouldn't mind sharing her closet :) 

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

And how fab is this!  Three of my favorite girl crushes (Freida, Alexa, Olsen (don't know which one!) sitting next to each other at a runway show...if only I were on that same row too.  

Le Sigh.


  1. I agree, Frida is beautiful and stylish! and what a great snapshot of the fashionistas on the front row at fashion week.

  2. I think she is absolutely gorgeous as well!

  3. gah...she's so pretty!! i'd totally want to share her closet :)

  4. totally agree with you on this girl crush..she is stunning!

  5. She is beautiful, with great style and still with her handsome co star from Slumdog millionare Dev Patel

  6. She is utterly gorgeous, I can completely understand the girl crush! I love her style too xx


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