Nov 17, 2011

My Kitchen as of Late..

I baked some cupcakes for a friends surprise birthday party last week.  I used my My Memories software to create the little cupcake toppers.  This particular friend has earned the nickname of supermonkey ( not really sure why..) Anyways,  I cut a picture of his head and glued it to a picture of superman.  I like the way it turned out.  It's even more fun using a kids theme for an adults birthday.

and here is a little teaser for a pie I baked the other day -think pear & custard!  And the presentation is sure to get you bonus points with the crowd :)


  1. do you need a roommate? because I could definitely eat some baked goods. : )

    Your husband can stay... but I may claim all the cupcakes.


  2. HI
    Wow that looks like a great pie. Hope you feature the recipe soon. Your coconut cake was delish. Your outfit looks cute too.

  3. CUTE boots and amazing pie and cupcakes!!! Love the Super Monkey theme too - haha. You're the baker extraordinaire!! :)

  4. lovely outfit and cupcake detail!

  5. your cupcakes look delish!! i really want one!

  6. I want to know everything about that pear + custard concoction. Clafoutis? Pie?

    Must know, my sweet.


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