Nov 9, 2011

On the hunt for black wedges...

i am the type of girl that is 99.9% in heels.  I'm quite tall (5'8 - 5'9 ish) but nonetheless, I love heels.  I don't think a girl should limit herself  to wearing flats.  No, no, no...there's something indescribably feminine about heels.  But I think we can agree that not all heels are created equal.  While I love a good skinny heel, I try to save those for parties and events.  On my day to day shopping errands I'm a huge fan of wedges.  People always think I'm crazy for running around town in 4 inch wedges, but in all honesty, I don't even notice them.  My only dilemma is that I have ample amount of wedges in varying colors...but they're all sandals, catering almost 100% to summer.  Now, my current hunt is for the perfect black wedge.  Preferably completely closed toe and suede.   Unfortunately, the Steve Madden shoes that I found were incredibly cute...and incredibly high.  I'm usually not intimidated by height, but I need something for day to day and hours on end wear.

So basically after searching for hours, there are only two options that I'm content with.
  A Wedge + Mary Jane hybrid if you will.

Option A:  Zara $79.90
My sweet Zarita, you never fail to disappoint me!  Except, I kind of wanted them in suede..but it really isn't that shiny?

Option B: Ebay $22.00

So stinking cute and at a fabulous price.  I'm a little timid about buying something from Hong Kong ( not sure about the quality & shipping time..I kind of want them ASAP).  Also, the description says it's 4.4 inches...but they look higher than that. 

So help a sister out.  What say you?  Zara or Ebay?


  1. I like the Ebay pair but that's because I love a higher heel. I ordered a scarf off Ebay from Hong Kong and it came fairly fast!

  2. I'm a sucker for black suede...I have some from Steve Madden that I wear every weekend. No joke.

  3. I've been tryingggg to wear more heels, I'm a total flats girl! This is inspiring me. I love that eBay pair! And we all know how I feel about eBay. :) Do it!

  4. I love the zara pair so much:) Its beautiful. Kisses, my dear.

  5. ooo, what a great price on the ebay ones! can't lose with that :)

    i'm trying to get better at wearing heels, because they really do make me look and feel better...flats are just so easy!

  6. Zara most definately.


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