Nov 2, 2011

what i've been up to...

sorry for the lack of posts as of mind has been consumed with planning an all girl party for some 50-ish ladies this friday night.   so in between trying to make my 100% un-ready home semi-acceptable and covering the house in hues of pink and gold, i've had little time to blog.  
so while i wish my home currently looked like this

or this

sadly, it does not.  but it will one day.

....just baby stepping my way there folks

in the meantime, here's something sweet i've whipped up:

 I wish you could try them!

I'm on the hunt for something glittery/sparkly to wear for the party.  I've got a gold glitter skirt that I may do an outfit post on tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


  1. adorable! love the shade of pink. speaking of pink and glitter skirts...i have one too, from last year. i have yet to wear it!

  2. how cute!! look at your baking skills!! Sounds like a fun party, can't wait to hear more about it!!!

  3. Ooh those macarons look amazing! Wish I had your baking skills. And can't wait to see your sparkle skirt!

  4. i'd love to see some pics from this fabulous party you are throwing. i bet you are just the best hostess :)

  5. Stunning rooms and the macaroons look delicious!! Enjoy your party Friday xoxo

  6. oh my those look sooooo yummy!


    come on over and join my new site all about color!!!

  7. Your little pink chiffon macarons are to die for. So gourmet!

    I want to hear more about this ladies party too :)


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