Dec 8, 2011


yesterday morning i unknowingly awoke to this

this is our second snowfall of the year- which is pretty uncommon before January.  I was excited to finally turn on our fireplace.  There's something so romantic about the cackling sound a fireplace makes.  But the smell I woke up to this morning-not so much.  The house smells like a little too strong of burnt wood.  I really hope my clothes don't end up smelling that way.  Not that any of this will stop me from using my fireplace.  It's just too pretty to stop using.


  1. So pretty! It hasn't snowed here yet.

  2. yeah, snow! really?!? haha I am sooo freezing because of this snow everywhere!

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. you have more snow than us!! we had a light dusting a few weeks back, but nothing since! and hopefully it stays that way!

  4. wow~ I wish (for about a minute) that we had snow here in Arizona! I might feel a little more Christmasy then. Enjoy and stay warm! :)

  5. awww...I miss the snow !! Fantastic pics ;))


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