Jan 6, 2012

Living Room Inspiration

We've currently lived in Maison Habibi for roughly 6 months- where did the time go?!?!  In my mind, 6 months were going to take forever.  It would be the time where I had a ton of decorating done in the house and my next big purchase would be living room furniture.  Now that 6 months have passed my current living room sofas are reminding me of my previous commitment.  The only problem is...finding what I want!!!!!!!  This is going to be a wee bit of a turd faced rant against this city I live in.  

WHY must you only carry franchised furniture...and not the good franchise either
WHY do you not have a store sample of the only one possible sofa that I just *might* really like
WHY do you insist  on closing at annoying hour of 6 p.m....on a week night.  As if closing the whole town on 9 p.m. isn't bad enough you want to annoy me even further and close at 6?  But I might forgive you because you might be carrying *the one*

I could go on- but I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea , ya know. 

Deep Breath.
Here are some rooms I'm coveting and they are all basically following the same motif.  I want an eclectic room thats very lux and glam ( kind of like an old parisian apartment)...but casual enough for everyday living.  Yes, I know I'm contradicting myself, but if it were up to me I'd get the sexiest furniture I could and not worry about making a mess.  
Think gorgeous moldings, velvet upholstery, with touches of black,and gold gilded everything.  
Le sigh.
  But I guess I'll be realistic, if only for the sake of my poor husband who keeps praying (aloud mind you) that I will find the furniture of my dreams ASAP.  I don't think he knew what he was getting in for when we bought this house.  We've only been here 6 months and aren't 5% complete with decorating.  Oh Lordy.

I especially love this last photo in all of it's vintage settee gorgeousness.  I've found a couple of similar settees, but would obviously have to reupholster them.  Have any of you had to reupholster a sofa sized item?  Is it worth it or way too expensive?  

Basically, my dream living room is like Christine's from Bijou and Boheme.  If there ever was a girl after my own heart it'd be Christine with all of her gold, fur, and glamorous love.  500% my style.

anywho, wish me luck that I end up finding something.  I don't want matching furniture, which makes it harder to complete the room at the same time, but I don't mind all that much.  I'd just like to start SOMEWHERE.  Yes, please?  2012 Resolution perhaps?

happy weekend toots


  1. ooh lovely inspiration! good luck!

  2. we are totally on the same boat re: living room furniture. I am dragging my feet on picking a couch option and nothing i've seen fits my aesthetic or my budget! great inspiration pics!

  3. Good luck with your furniture hunt. My husband and I have lived in our current home for over 2 years and it's not nearly done being decorated and furnished. It really just takes time. I'm sure you'll find something you love soon :)

  4. love these images, what great inspiration!

  5. oooooh babe the blog looks amazing! i'm absolutely loving the changes. shows you how long i've been MIA from the blogosphere and rushing around with wedding planning.

    can't wait to guest post! x

  6. these rooms are amazing. Totally my style.

  7. Good luck on your search! For me, furniture shopping is so much fun but still a bit stressful. :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by so I could meet you. Loving all the blues and purples in that one photos, stunning.

  9. Good luck!! I know how challenging it is to find good furniture!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  10. love it!


  11. It IS a challenge to find the "perfect" furniture, it can take me a very long time until I do so... Very frustrating at times! :-)

  12. Gorgeous ideas! Hold out for what you really want! It'll speak to you when you find it. How about neighboring cities? Roadtrip with a truck maybe? ;)

  13. beautiful inspiration!


  14. Beautiful Inspiration! I'm sure you will find the perfect pieces to your perfect space! Love your blog! FOLLOWING! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  15. How am I just now finding your blog?? Omg, love. Your taste is amazing! Instant follow. xo

  16. adore all of these living room looks. now if only i had all the money in the world, i would get right on this! LOVE!
    xo TJ

  17. the first and last images are my favorite! so gorgeous.

  18. my husband and I moved into our house 2.5 years ago and we are not even close to finishing the decorating process. we do have a lot of renovations we are tackling as well, so that has forced us to take longer. i will say that taking my time has been 100% worth it because i find pieces that i absolutely love and have not gotten sick of yet. and my design style has changed a bit since we started so i am glad that i didn't buy everything right away! sorry for the long comment!



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