Jan 3, 2012

Lookbook: Anniversary

sweater, necklace, belt, & shoes - f21; skirt -thirfted; baubles: aldo & apricot lane

This is what I wore on my anniversary dinner with Alaa. I had been dying to wear a white sweater +pleated skirt combo after seeing this outfit a few months ago. Gorgeous isn't it? There's something so ethereal and enticing about white. My closet is pretty much broken down into 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 every other color. I think I just gravitate towards classic and cleanliness of black and white.

As for my anniversary, we were lucky enough to spend the whole day together lounging around,eating breakfast at an unreasonable hour, and spending time with family. I loved every bit of it :-) My only regret is using a point and shoot camera for these pictures. Sometimes it's a hassle carrying around the Nikon everywhere, but I think I've learned my lesson with these pictures- the hassle is well worth it.


  1. I love that outfit, and your hair and makeup are perfection! That skirt was a great find!

  2. You look gorgeous and I love your hair in the style. Sooo classy!

  3. I LOVE white one white! Glad to hear your anniversary went well. Congrats!

  4. I love your outfit, you look so pretty. <3 That skirt is to die for, I want one just like it. They had a similiar one a few months ago in H&M, I'm sooo mad at myself that I didn't get it. :(

  5. Love the colors of this outfit! That pleated skirt is fabulous!

  6. Beautiful as always!
    Happy anniversary and best of the new year to you and your man ;)
    Cheers, Alcira



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