Feb 15, 2012

Girl Crush :Daphne Groeneveld

I'm known to have plenty of girl crushes, but this week I have fallen hard. Each photo I found was a million times more stunning than the next and I think I may have developed an un-healthy infatuation with today's girl crush.  Daphne Groeneveld is a 17 year old model from the Netherlands.   You may have seen her gorgeous pictures gracing the cover of Vogue, and I'm sure you've seen her in the Versace for H&M campaign.  She's collaborated with the likes of  Armani,Dior, MaxMara, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, and my personal favorite - Chanel.  All at the age of 17 people!!!

 (images 1-6 via Vogue)


Her looks are eerily unique  and just as gorgeous as the brands she models for.  I would happily oblige to don any of the outfits she has on.
Read more about her here.

surprisingly, i found someone who might be obsessed with her just a *smidgen* more than I am.


  1. she is really striking! she kinda reminds me of twiggy with her presence but that looks is truly her own!! love finding new models for inspiration!!

  2. she is absolutely stunning!!!


  3. She has crazy full lips! I wish mine could look like that. Sigh! I guess some people are just way more blessed than others

  4. only 17!? never would've guessed that! she's stunning!

  5. damn. now i have a new girl crush too.


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