Feb 13, 2012

Why Teresa is better than Barbie

sweater: ann taylor// jeans: unknown // purse: Zara // flats: steve madden/  fur coat: vintage

this would happen.  winter decides to make an appearance *just* as spring is about to roll around.  and don't let the sunny day fool you..the cold was harsh and bitter and the wind was smackin' my curly hair in my face.  it's a tough world out there i tell ya.  oh, and anyone notice the kind of looks you get when you wear a fur coat.  it's a mixture of "is she in the mafia?"/" WHAT IS SHE DOING WEARING A FUR COAT?!" expression.  What was that?  You've never experienced this?  Oh.  Welcome to my life.

On another completely un-related note (again, welcome to my life) I scored this sweater on super sale at Ann Taylor.  The color screams barbie.  Actually, that's what I enthusiastically screamed told the sales lady at Ann  Taylor.  But let's be honest, Teresa is way cooler than Barbie.  She had a little ethnic flair going on.  That and she was the only doll that kinda-sorta looked like me...  


  1. Haha! I love your Teresa VS Barbie comment. :)

  2. Everytime ;) ahahahahah

    Wishing you a happy and warm week,

  3. haha i hear ya! i love that winter is getting a late start.. but it better not roll into spring time!

  4. haha love it!! I would love to own a fur coat!!
    I feel you on the chill and wind!
    Spring is just teasing us, isn't it? ;)

  5. beautiful photos! love the coat and the bag... have the same one!



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