Mar 13, 2012

Cookbook: Strawberry Salad

Almost all of my "cookbook" recipes have been sweet indulgences, so it may come as a surprise that my favorite meal really isn't dessert.  Sure, I have a major sweet tooth, but in reality, I simply don't discriminate against food.  I love it all.   One of my favorite things to eat is salad.  Here's a recipe to one of my favorite's.  It's the perfect anecdote to craving a  light summery lunch.  And as with all of my savory recipes, you most likely have all of the ingredients on hand already, and if you don't  simply omit it or replace it with something else.  Usually, I like to add some protein in the form of  grilled shrimp or chicken, but since I didn't have any on hand ( and didn't want to mess with fixing it up!)  I left it vegetarian style.  Happy eats!

About 1 cup strawberries, chopped ( leave about 3 or 4 whole so that you can slice and adorn the top)
2 tbs. olive oil
2 tbs. balsamic vinegar
1 large garlic clove
1 tbs sugar
1/4 cup Almond slices
Cheese, preferably goat, but I used Goat + Mozarella + Parmesan

Grind your garlic and strawberries (I have a mortar and pestle that I use to do this.).  Mix your garlic, strawberries, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sugar.  Set aside.

Place your almond slices on a sheet of foil and drizzle with honey.  Toast in the oven for about 2-3 minutes. Be careful, it burns easily.

Prepare your salad base by mixing your spinach with the salad dressing.  Put spinach and dressing mixture in serving bowl and then top it off with the honey almonds, craisins, cheese, and strawberries.  Enjoy!

Makes about one large serving or two moderate servings.


  1. Spinach salad with fresh strawberries and feta is my favorite! It is so pretty and tasty at the same time:)
    Amy R.

  2. Such a refreshing salad Nuha ! Keep posting more recipes:D

  3. Thanks Nuha! After I saw this I went and ordered some food! lol. Seriously it's making my mouth water! xx

  4. i love strawberries and this looks amazing. strawberry dressing is super good too! you mix it with some lemon or lime and voila!

  5. If I see strawberry salad listed on the menu, that is what I order for sure! So, I must try this at home!! xx

  6. mmmm...I just love strawberry's in my salad! Perfect springtime dish!


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