Mar 14, 2012

Go Green

Today, we will  not talk about the Manolos that I lost out on at the last freaking second on ebay.  (There are some cruel people in this world).  Nor will we mention the YSL shoes I didn't continue to pursue on Saturday.  


Today, we will talk about something less vicious and a little bit more reliable : house plants. 
Exciting.  I know.

Growing up, I hated house plants.  They were just so ugly with all of their "take over your whole house" persona.  I never understood why people even bothered with them.  But now that I have my own house, I see the beauty in having something green grow in your home.  As part of my abundance of the x-chromosome condition, I absolutely love being able to nurture something and see it grow.  

As much as I love ivy growing on the outside of a house....

I do not like it following me around the inside of my own.

No, No.

Instead, I've been looking for prettier house plants.  Here are a few inspiration pictures.

Taylor Tomasi Hill's apartment
via Vogue

Camille Style's Kitchen

and bath

you can never go wrong with pink..

and you can cluster air plants for a pretty effect
via Etsy

and because I'm embarrassingly obsessed with dinosaurs (it's true..huda's fault) I would love to have these cool guys in my house
via Etsy

and for those who can't keep plants alive even if their lives depended on it, welcome to the sweet world of succulents..

So whether youre a plant killer or not, succulents are a gorgeous and easy way to add a little life to your home.

Inspired by these gorgeous shades, I stopped by Home Depot and picked up a few that I liked and planted them in a pretty pot.  

And incase you're wondering what types of plants I got they are : 'Hibotan', 'Lola', 'Echeveria Mazarine', and 'Rainbow Elephant Bush'

So glad to be able to look at these on a daily basis..they make me smile :-)


  1. Introduction of your post sounds one of those dreams where we search for something never finding it and waking up short of breath ahahahah.

    In some cultures they don't advise to have cactus inside home. I like your composition though, so I'm sure some species must balance the others because it looks lovely. Really.

    I'm fortunate I have a garden - for the green kick - because I really don't like flowers and plants inside home.

  2. These pictures are sooo gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration! - xo

  3. very nice pics!! like them a lot!


  4. Sorry you lost out on the shoes, that has happened to me quite a few times. This house is gorgeous..really lovely details :) x

  5. I'm definitely a fan of succulants - or any plant that's hard to kill, really! I love plants inside though...they make me feel less home-bound. :)

  6. I LOVE succulents and I have tons of them in my flat:) Btw: that first photo is so dreamy. Have a wonderful day. xo

  7. Oh eBay... Love it when I win, hate it when I lose. Better luck next time!


  8. Baghg I looooove those dinosaur planters!!! I need! Xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Beautiful photos! Great inspiration to start planting for spring!

  10. I am loving this post. We're knee deep in renovation plans (yippee!!!) so I'm soaking up alll the inspiration I can get.

  11. LOVE those pink chairs - perfection.

  12. I love plants used in moderation in a home. Those succulents or cacti or whatever they are are really cute together!! I have ONE houseplant I haven't killed over the past few years and thats a cactus.

    Do you have pretty good luck buying designer brands from eBay? I haven't tried it.

  13. That last photo is stunning!! Gorgeous photography. :)


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