Mar 1, 2012


top & pants: gap // purse: zara // scarves: unknown ( both of them - sorry!)// shoes: nine west // shades: target


This is the face of exhaustion after walking all day in heels.
Lately, I have been OBSESSED with all things neon pink.  I'm like a bug dazed by light whenever I see  little pops of pink.  I can't help myself- it's such a fun color!  Let me warn you though, each of these gap shirts are hand-dyed so they are B-R-I-G-H-T!  No seriously folks - it's neon bright .  I can't wait to wear it in the summer with some tanned skin.  So instead of trying to tone down the intensity of my shirt, I figured  I'd enhance it by throwing on an equally alluring blue scarf.  It definitely resulted in a fun ( and eye-catching!) outfit.Now, if only I could find a neon pink satchel ( like this one)- that's within my price range.  


  1. i am in love w/ that bag! and the neon pink! looks so good on you!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments on Christine's blog. So glad to have found you via her blog- I loved your post yesterday! You have great style. Looking gorgeous here! I am excited to be your newest follower. :) XO!

  3. LOVE your bag and hot pink top! I'm also a huge fan of hot pink!

  4. You have guts chicky..i would love to be as bold as you!

  5. I am alllllll over neon. You look great. So happy to have found your blog!

  6. beautiful outfit!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

    Freaky Friday

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  7. You are beautiful. You would look fantastic in straight leg jeans.(More flattering) (those jeans made to A symetrical.) actually you could model. Serioulsy I am sure you husband would agree. Loved the colors the way they poppd. Your hair is gorges. You do have great style though. I think your blessed with a husband that enjoys spoiling you. :)


    1. Thank you so so much for your sweet comment! I tend to wear a lot of trouser/ wide leg pants because of my "pear" shape- they tend to even things out :-) These happen to look baggy because they stretched out a bit after being worn for a few hours. With that being said, I try to try out different cuts of jeans, skirts, dresses, and shirts ( straight leg jeans included). And as for your last sentence- you have no idea how lucky I got. I truly am blessed and thank God for it every day :-)

  8. you are so gorgeous! I love your look.

  9. I love the pink and blue together!


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