Apr 19, 2012

dvf: short, medium, long

Leave it to the brilliant Diane von Furstenburg to have me head over heels for her whole collection.  She's managed to create a collection that varies from black and white print to her signature colorful pieces.  I don't usually want every single piece in a collection, but good God almighty...I do now.

See?  I told you so.  I love the various lengths ranging from short, medium, and long...something for every occasion!  Not to mention the styling is absolute perfection.  Perfectly polished, with a hint of quirk - right up my alley.  Shop the collection here.


  1. great pieces!!

    DIY and more:

  2. Great collections--I love the black and white! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and I'm following on GFC. I hope you'll follow back!

  3. love black and white
    and a hint of bright colors for spring is great


  4. Love the colorful collection! So pretty!

  5. Love both sets of the really long dresses, those are wonderful! x

  6. I love her and I love this collection. I can't pick a favorite...I can see each fitting a different special occassion!! xx


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