Jun 11, 2012

:: chartreuse on top ::

shirt + shoes: zara  | blazer: h&m  | jeans: old navy  | necklace: j.crew  | purse : furla

I have a little confession to make : sometimes I repeat the same outfits.  Okay, Okay.  I know that's not really much of a confession.  But anytime I'm in a time crunch or facing some serious "nothing in my closet is working!!!!" blues I refer back to past outfits that I wore.  I try to change a few things up - hair, make-up, shoes, etc depending on the occasion.  So the first time I wore this outfit, Alaa and I were headed to dinner.  I opted for a bun and bright orange lipstick.  The next time I wore it happened to be on a morning brunch run, so I opted against the bright orange lips and instead chose more of a nude shade.  It's the little things like lipstick and updo's that transform an outfit.


  1. Love the necklace :) Very pretty. I think a lot of us repeat the same outfit, it's quite alright!! You look fab! x

  2. And this outfit definitely works. I love that color on you! I think that color looks great especially on tan girls like us ;)

    Cathy Trails

  3. Cute outfit! The yellow and aqua is one of my fave colour combos this summer!


  4. So casual chic, Nuha, love it!

  5. Hello beautiful, I knew your blog, this great, you have great style.

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  6. i love your jacket, i've been looking for a white blazer.

  7. I have been looking for cute boyfriend jeans like yours in this post everywhere! I have found some but none in my price range, I will have to check old navy out now. Love this look very cute!

    love from NYC,


  8. Girl, I repeat outfits all the time! Especially if its a fab color combo like this!
    Hope you have a great week!
    x, Anna

  9. I do that too, that's part of the reason I like blogging - it's good to refer back to see what worked & what didn't.

    Love the colour combination and I really want one of those necklaces!! Do they still have them?

  10. Love that necklace! So perfect against the yellow. Hope you had a great time in San Diego . . .Hillcrest is one of my favorite places to go. :D


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