Aug 21, 2012

sweater weather

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I don't know about you, but I can't help but notice all of the cute sweaters out this season.  As if sweater weather wasn't good enough, designers have upped the ante and given us the perfect way to stay cute, comfortable, and  warm.  Be still my heart.  I'm sure the majority of you have already seen the Creme de la Creme sweater sported by BEE (which later sold out quite fast), but here are a few other options out there.  The Moschino one has got to be my favorite.  
But then again, I do say Oh la la quite a lot.....


  1. super!!

  2. I love all the sweaters. I really want one too :D


  3. I agree these are so cute and I could totally picture myself wearing that outfit that Atlantic-Pacific blogger is wearing - any given weekend. Personally, the Ooh La La is my fave. Great post!


  4. I would wear the #1 sweater all the time - that is positively adorable!! But why oh why does it need to be $550???

  5. Loving all these options. Definitely want to get one myself.


  6. Loving all of these choices. I love sweatshirts, but I hate when they are plain and boring, so these are a great options.

  7. I'm so excited for all the cute sweaters out there right now. I really love that Markus Lupfer one!!!! xo

  8. these are so cute! and i have totally noticed all the cute sweaters. target has some fun ones with sayings and stars on it!!1

  9. These are all super cute. Strangely enough I don't like wearing sweaters. I'm not a sweater person. I might have to change my train of thought :)


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