Dec 4, 2012

The Nursery Files : Artwork for the Babe

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Can I let you guys in on a "little" secret?  We haven't bought a single thing for the nursery yet.  You know that crazy mama that is in freakish nesting mode?  Well, I've decided to become the head of that cult.  Alaa is in the process of turning the attic into a guest bedroom so that we can make the guest bedroom the babes room - and ummm I need it done like ASAP.  I'm pretty sure  I'm his worst client yet.  Pregnant wife standing over your shoulder while you work - in your own home -  no bueno.   If I wasn't so nervous the nursery isn't going to be done in time I'd kinda feel bad for him.  Since we don't have the new room ready, the guest bedroom has stayed put for the time being.  Hopefully, this weekend I'll order the crib and figure something out for fabrics and such.  I've pretty much got what I want in mind , it's just I haven't bit the bullet and bought anything yet.  I know that I want a gallery wall in the nursery.  I'm hoping it'll be a mixture of whimsy and fun to keep her inspired.  

Truth be told, I'm just looking for any excuse to put these pieces in my home.


  1. cute!!

    new post !!

  2. So honoured to have my painting featured with such fabulous company- thanks Nuha!!!

  3. Pinterest - it does wonders to inspire creative movement! ;) :) Or just procrastinate.... ;)

  4. Don't worry about it. We didn't have our nursery set up until 3 months after the baby was born. Well, we did have her sleep in a Basseterre in our room. I was so tired at the end of the pregnancy and right after I was just like whatever. Luckily my husband did paint it before she was born.


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