Mar 19, 2013

Those People

shirt : everlane // pants: j.crew // jacket : f21 (old) // purse : kate spade // shoes : steve madden // necklace : paris // sunnies: f21

Well, this weekend we crossed over to being those people.  Yep, "those people" with the crying baby in the restaurant.  There's nothing like a crying baby to clear out a restaurant - fast.   If only people could hire us to do it.  Oh you wan't your guests to leave?  We've got you covered!
So basically, on Saturday Alaa and I wanted to enjoy the weather by having dinner on a patio somewhere.  We finally found a restaurant ( why is it always so hard to choose?!) and since it was so beautiful outside there weren't many tables left so I told Alaa I'd wait outside and get us a table while he ordered for us.  As soon as we got outside the baby started crying and the people started fleeing.  Really, one minute I'm all like "Hey guys!  Beautiful day outside!"  the next it's crickets chirping and tumbleweeds a blowin'.  Part of me wanted to stay there and say "You've never heard a baby cry before?!"  the other part was pretty mortified because it was such a pretty day and I didn't want to ruin anyones meal.  Not to mention, the people at the neighboring restaurant were starting to look too.  I called Alaa and told him to get our meals to go ASAP.  
But in the midst of it all, the nicest thing happened.  A girl walked up to me and just started making small talk.  Turns out she has a baby who is 4 weeks and could kinda relate.  So to you random stranger lady I want to give you the biggest hug.  Thank you for being so nice.  It meant the world to me.

Nice strangers are pret-ty amazing.


  1. love this outfit!


  2. I'm so glad you commented on my blog because now I found yours! I am now following you on bloglovin' it's so great!

  3. Awww nice strangers are the best. So sorry you had that awkward moment, but know pretty much every other family has been there with a little one!! Love the outfit, too!


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