Apr 24, 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko

Ever since I first spotted these gorgeous embroidered sunglasses on Instagram I could not stop thinking about them!  How gorgeous and fun are they?  A little "researching" led me on a rabbit hole search and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the designer behind these maje sunglasses was Ulyana Sergeenko.  The name may not sound familiar, but I'm sure you've seen this picture before:

(my kind of people)

Well, Ulyana is this one 

Via Harper's Bazaar

I love her dramatic style.  Seriously cool.  I'd love to prance around in black veils and sweeping gowns.  Oh, and the chic loves hats.  


Her Spring 2013 line is just as amazing.  

Check out her whole collection here - seriously so freaking good. I haven't been this excited about a designer in a long time.

Count me #obsessed.

Check out Ulyana's tumblr here.


  1. A lady after my heart ...wish I had her closet cos she is that amazing

  2. Great minds think alike! loving those looks.

  3. Oh wow. These looks are absolutely incredible.

  4. I really like Ulyana Sergeenko! She always wears stunning outfits!!!
    So stylish and chic!


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