Sep 2, 2013

:: Strawberries + Stripes ::

strawberry printed dress : UO | striped blazer: AE | shoes : zara | necklace: j.crew | watch : michael kors

Guess who finally got some sun this summer?  I'm not much of a laying out type of girl, but after two years of practically no pool time I was determined to do things differently this year.  And trust me things were very different...laying out revolved around a certain 6 month old's sporadic nap schedule and included the following supplies: a blanket, tanning lotion, san pelligrino (with a straw please!), pandora (helllooooo Lana del Ray + Florence & The Machine + Mumford & Sons) and...wait for it...a baby monitor.  Good times,  Good times.

And!  (I feel like I need to shout this from the roof tops) I finally found someone who colored my hair the way I've been wanting it to be for years!!  It's definitely time for a touch up - but oh my gosh- I'm so excited to finally have a go-to person.  I'm still doing the happy dance!  


  1. Hey girlie! You look beautiful as always and your hair is gorgeous! It is such a great feeling to finally find someone who can care for your tresses!!

    How is Motherhood?

  2. Love your hair and your outfit. The mix of patterns is great!

    XO Melissa
    Sale Rack!


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