Oct 25, 2010

The Story of an Ugly Cake...

One of my good friends is expecting a baby girl in January.  This past Saturday was her baby shower, so I offered to make the cake and cupcakes.  Simple enough,  I've done it a few times.  I mean I am no professional, but I have learned from my mistakes.  Well...this is one mistake that I definitely learned from!

 I had plans to go to the Carrie Underwood concert that night, and I was hoping to get a little studying in as well.  I decided that I would make the cupcakes and cake Friday afternoon and leave them to cool.  I would just add the cake filling and crumb coat before I left to the concert.  So, later as I'm filling the cake I just feel like its lopsided.  I thought maybe I was being too critical of my own work and I went to get something from the fridge.  When I turned around I saw the top layers of my cake slidding down and the bottom layers crushing outwards.   OH. MY. GOD.  My heart stopped.  What was I going to do?!  I needed to get dressed for the concert and I knew I would be home late.  The party was the following afternoon.  There's no time to make another one!  (By the way, I am already a worry-wart, one habit I wish I could change!)  So basically, I rushed to bake another cake and left to the concert (which was awesome by the way! )  

I got home around midnight and decided I had to at least cover the cake with fondant before I went to bed.  I planned to frost the cupcakes the next morning so that was no big deal.  So as I'm dealing with cake #2 I just didnt feel like it was right either.  I went ahead and added the fondant because I thought maybe, just maybe it would cover any imperfections but no.  What I ended up was the cheapest looking cake ever created.  By now, It was a little past 2 a.m. and all I wanted to do was sit on the kitchen floor cry and sleep.  I tried working on the cake a little more but to no avail.  I went to sleep and said maybe in the morning it'll look better.  Wrong.  It looked worse!  All those ugly imperfections stared out at me as soon as I opened the fridge.  Did I mention that the fondant had ripped in some places.  Basically, everything that could go wrong did.  So all I could do was to start over again.  BUT, I had no more buttercream left, and no butter to make more, no more fondant, and not enough time to bake another cake or fondant from scratch.  Can you imagine what my heart was doing now?  So I rushed to Kroger and bought what I needed, then rushed to my trusty cake store to get new cake pans and some ready made fondant.  I usually make my own fondant, but this stuff was actually really good!  Oh, and the reason I bought new cake pans, was because I thought that maybe the cake wasn't shaped right was because of the pan I baked it in.

And then a miracle happened.  Everything worked out perfectly.  Cake number 3 was something I was proud of (finally!).  So at the end of all of my anxiety attacks and fretting, I was able to give a good friend something she deserved.  I'll post pictures of the cake and cupcakes as soon as I get some of the display.

But in the mean time, how about we take a look at "My Ugly Cake" (that gave me a heart attack).

i think the picture says it all...

So when I sliced the cake I was not all that surprised to find that my supposedly "neat" layers had formed into their own checkered pattern

But what to do with a cake that actually looked kind of cool inside? Not to mention moist...you eat it!

 and when you quickly realize that this could get dangerous, you offer half of the cake to a friend

Chocolate and Strawberry Cakes layered with raspberry filling.  It was sinfully delicious...

After all, true beauty lies within


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