Oct 26, 2010

The Tufted Sofa

     Two years ago, when I was buying furniture for our apartment I was so excited.  I had envisioned that my house would be so modern and "cool".  While I enjoyed the furniture shopping, I found it so hard to find something that I felt like I had to have.  So when I settled on my current furniture, I thought that I could work with it and grow to love it.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.  I found out the hard way that while I like modern furniture in other peoples home, it just isn't my style.  I can't wait until we  get rid of wear out our current furniture, that way I can invest in something I truly love. My style?  I'm more of an antique-y victorian / country- "cottage-y-ish" / french country type of gal.  I know, it's a weird combination.  But the way I see it, the parts of our future home that we will be using everyday will have the home-y vibe, while the guest living room will be very proper and victorian.  It gets me excited just thinking about it .

   So what's on my wish list?  One piece of furniture that already has me head over heels in love is tufted sofas.  I'd also like to experiment with some velvet pieces and recamier's.  Here's a few on my wish list:

Words cannot describe how much I love this!
Via Be @ Home
 This is kind of what I have in mind :  One tufted sofa and another equally elegant piece of furniture.
Via Be @ Home

Via Decorator Tricks

I love gothic, but in other peoples homes.  The cut of the sofa however, makes me melt.

Via Horchow

I love the girly-ness of this room.  If my husband gets the garage and play room, the formal living room is all mine  (muahahaha,evil laugh)

Via Horchow

This is what I mean my cottage-y/ french country.  I love the chair on the right.
Via Horchow

This one would give me lots of flexibility in decorating.
Via Candace Rose

The downside is, the only tufted sofas I can find are no less than $1,000 for one sofa.  But I think it would be money well spent, because I adore this look.


  1. tufted sofas are rather gorgeous.

  2. i agree! they are so timeless and elegant xoxo


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