Oct 30, 2010

What I Want : Faux Fur

I love styles that seem to creep back in as if they never left.  The faux fur jacket is definitely one of them!  Let me be the first to say, I would NEVER wear a real fur jacket.  But faux-fur, well, I that I can't say no to.  Last year my husband and I went on our one year anniversary to New York City.  It was awesome! We both had never been before and we loved every short-lived minute of it.  While shopping, I saw this girl wearing a faux-fur jacket + cotton polo + black tights + peep toe heels. 
 I. was. in. love.

So now I am seriously going to buy my self the hugest faux-fur jacket.  and I WILL love it.  yes ma'am I will!

Take a look at how others are wearing them :

VIA goshcelebrity.com

VIA thefashiondose
I'll take one of each please!

VIA dailymail.co.uk
I mean if Posh Spice  Victoria Beckham is wearing it then you know its awesome.  Wait what was that? Oh that's right, she always looks good in everything.. (Did I mention that I was  am obsessed with the Spice Girls?) 

VIA Mashngravy

I mean seriously, how cute is this

And I'd kind of like to add a throw blanket to the guest room.

VIA decorpad

VIA Sweetpeaandwillow


  1. Oh, yes. Loving everything in this post. And that little girl in her faux fur is absolutely precious.

  2. that little girl is darling. Love the first throw too.

  3. isnt she sweet? I saw some fur throws at Marshalls a few weeks ago,now I wish I had bought them!


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