Nov 12, 2010

Recent Purchases

It's been a stressful week filled with exams, quizzes, and projects.  Nursing school never gives you a minute to breathe!  We have family from out of town visiting for a few weeks too, so it's been super busy!  During the semester I barely do any real shopping.  I mean I stop by Marshall's occasionally  (it's right next to Kroger, I can't help it!!).  But to go to the mall or other stores simply to buy things, I try to avoid. I feel guilty spending time out spending money when I should be home studying.  But yesterday was an exception!! After hours of finishing projects and quizzes I decided I'd go out with the family.  We stopped by Old Navy and I think I got some great things at a great price!!    Here's what I bought this week

A few days ago I bought some grey cable cords and the black military cap from Marshalls.  Bad hair day?  On goes the cap and you still look cute! The skinny cords and plaid dress are from Old Navy.  I also bought the wool blazer for my husband from Old Navy.   After Old Navy we stopped by Target and I finally bought these brown moccasins!  I'm really bad about waiting a long time (years even) before buying something.  I've been wanting these moccasins since last year but never got them.  Do you ever obsess over something but wait forever to purchase it?  (ehem, like the oxfords that I've been wanting for years and now everyone has so them I'm hesitant to get them..sad face)  At the checkout line I saw Victoria Beckham and I couldn't resist.  I love magazines, I wish I could have subscriptions to a million magazines.

But here are a few things that I wish I bought:

These marled socks are actually mens (from old navy), but I'm in love with them!! I always have cold feet, and anything ribbed just makes my heart flutter.  I may have to go back and get them.

I'm in need of some brown boots, preferably flat.  I want them relatively simple and these are just what I'm looking for.  Too bad this is a picture of Rachel Bilson's feet and that means these shoes cost more than I'm willing to spend.  Any suggestions on where I can find something similar on the cheap?


  1. Those mocassins look really cute - and I really wish I had thick warm men's socks on at the moment - my feet are cold!

    Love Rachel Bilson's boots - the cognac colour seems to be quite popular this season. I think you might find a good pair at Aldo or Nine West - good luck!

  2. Love the boots and your finds at Old Navy! Aren't you amazed at what awesome stuff one can find at Old Navy sometimes for a bargain! :)

  3. I've been looking for some cognac boots just like those! Steve Madden has a similar pair, I think they're called 'Intyce' - check those out!

    Great finds!

  4. those are a sweet pair of boots! id love a pair.

    but you got some sweet finds. i'd love a pair moccasins. those look so comfy!


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