Dec 20, 2010

Embellished Legs

Sorry I've been so MIA.  Life has been kinda crazy.

I come from a pretty conservative family so it's a complete bummer when I see a really cute dress or skirt that is simply way too short. Now that tights (I like to call them stockings) are incredibly in style, it kind of kills two birds with one stone.  Not to mention, they are a great way for turning summer clothes into winter  clothes and keeping you warm.

 fashionable + modest = a smile on my face!

A lot of these aren't necessarily modest, but they're still yummy:

I'm in love  with all things glittery and sparkly.  I just hope that in 10 years I won't regret this style!
VIA champagne wishing
 From the runway..
VIA cltreanor

Definitely not modest, but fun none the less
VIA erraofarre
 Me love vintage.
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 The nurse in me couldn't resist.
VIA katyauk

VIA splendora
 How cute? They would definitely be the star of the outfit.
VIA style frizz
 And if you think that those are cute in pictures, but maybe too over the top to wear out, look at how Jessica from What I Wore rocks 'em.
VIa What I Wore


  1. oh wow! i LOVE all of these. those glittery ones are so fun!

  2. The veined tights are too funny! I like wearing leggings+boots with dresses in winter - my legs are covered - and I stay VERY warm :-)


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