Dec 21, 2010

Thick & Chewy Triple Chocolate Cookies

These simply cannot wait until the morning.  They are that good.  And I'm afraid they may not last until the morning. 

Maybe I should run a mile or two?

{Sorry for the weird colors, I've been playing around with photoshop }

On a side note, what do you think of the new "look"?  I like the way the "cleanliness" of it.

And before I forget, next Monday is my 2 year wedding anniversary (insert big smile here ) so in honor of it I'm dedicating all of next week to our engagement, wedding, etc.



  1. I love this new look! Very clean cut and organized. It's easy on the eyes. ; ) And congrats! Our 3 year is Feb. 1st. Go winter weddings! Happy holidays! xo And thanks for the sweet comment.

  2. Those cookies look so so good! And I love the new design! Can't wait to hear about your engagement and wedding and all that. I love that kind of stuff!


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