Dec 3, 2010

It's time to play dress up again

Looks I want to try out and some goodies at the end.  Bon a petit!

I wish I lived in the '40's..(or is this the 50's?)

I need  pouf


I'll take some leg warmers too.  I've been meaning to buy some extra long socks that would peek out of my boots.

 I love everything about this, especially the hat.

Hair bow anyone?  (sorry I couldnt resist!)  I'll have to try this one day..

Some non-fashion goodies

I mean seriously, that staircase is love at first sight.  I'd even go the extra mile and run up and down it all day and call it exercise!

precious :)

I love the feel of this photo

We're planning on going to IHOP for breakfast, can't wait!  Rainbows make everything so much better..


{all images via pinterest}


  1. eeekkkk so much pretty in one post!!! I love that tiered mermaid skirt, that staircase and of course those adorable bathing suits :) Great post!

    - the runaway

  2. What a fabulous post. Love your taste!

  3. These pictures are so amazing! I've been craving a poofy tutu for months, but I can't decide if a woman approaching her mid twenties should be aloud to strut in a tutu. Any thoughts?

  4. just found your blog! I LOVE this post!! I want it all xoxo
    -Mini Baker

  5. those green knee socks are really cute! I also love the bow-tie hair bun thing.

    Great collection of inspirational pics. :-)


  6. I actually have that second image pinned to my pinterest. I love it.


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