Feb 4, 2011

T.G.I.Food :Tabbouleh

Growing up tabbouleh was one of my most favorite treats.  It was that dish that was the first to go.  {Actually, every party I go to salad is usually the first to go. You'd think the opposite right?}.  During the school year, I'm usually looking for meals that I can throw in my slow cooker.  I love cooking, but sadly school gets in the way a lot.

I've spotted tabbouleh around the blogmosphere  lately so I decided to make some.  I'd share my recipe with you but I'm an eye-baller so I don't really have one.   I can tell you ingredients, but proportions are a different story.

I think this recipe looks about right.

Oh, and I have a confession to make....I didn't hand chop the parsley or onions...I used a food processor to speed  up the process
*hangs head in shame*
But I did hand chop the tomatoes

Oh, and did I mention it's healthy?

Update: Bulgur is also known as cracked wheat.  I usually get it from the local Arabic food store, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it in the international section in Kroger.  Just make sure you get fine (#1) bulgur.
Also, I use red onions, because I like the color. Regular yellow/white onions work just as well!


  1. mmm...we love tabbouleh! where can you find bulgur?

  2. i've thought about making this like 209587266 times. you make it seem easy enough! buttt i don't like red onion, at all. this could be a prob.

  3. looks great! have no idea where to find bulgur! or what it is.

  4. ohhh my goodness this sounds delish!!
    I need to try this!
    Happy weekend!

  5. That looks wonderful...fresh, healthy, and delicious!

  6. Mmm looks good! I've never had it but I want it now:-)

    Happy Friday hun

  7. hi nuha , great blog ,,
    and wow ,, i loveeeeeee tabloa <3 ,, but i cant cook anything for the life of me =( .. so lazy ,, but it look yummy


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