Mar 27, 2011

Baking Fever

In my world, two things go hand and hand.  It's practically inevitable.  As soon as I see it's  ugly head rear I can't stop myself.  You see, when I have an exam to study for all I can think about is the endless baking possibilities.  I'll open up Safari to "check my assignments" and next thing you know I've compiled a list of 1 million things I must bake before I die before my exam.

Nothing can stop it. 
Exams = Baking Fever

So here are three things that I've been itching to make this weekend.

Un : Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. I think I got a cavity just thinking about it.
Deux: Parisian Macarons.  Could it be?  Do I love macarons more than cupcakes?  

I've given into making the chocolate covered candied oranges already.
I don't know how long I can fight the other two.


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  1. I think your house is definitely a place I would like to be around exam time! I LOOOVVEEE the looks of those chocolate chip cookie dough things!


  2. WHY WHY WHY must we be so many miles apart? It's really not fair. I would be in your kitchen right now helping you!

  3. Adore your opening statement! Just found your blog, very funny
    Would love the recipe for the chocolate chip dough!
    Will be a follower
    Have a happy Sunday
    Jamie Herzlinger

  4. those chocolate chip cookie dough truffles look amazinggg

  5. delicious!

    can you make a few extra and ship them to me?
    please and thank you! ;-)

  6. I get the same way when I have a ton of things to do! Baking is just a stress reliever! Those chocolate chip cookie dough truffles sounds soooo wonderful right now! yummm

  7. haha well at least you get to snack on some amazing treats while you study! for me it was exams= anything at all that isn't studying

    also, thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  8. My coworker brought those cookie dough truffles into work once and they were seriously the most amazing thing to ever be invented. You must make them asap!


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